You People

August 2015

Sheila Fairman (Mother), Robert, Jon & Sean Fairman (sons), Rebecca Fairman (Daughter)  Georgia Fairman & Jackson Fairman-Gilkes (Grandchildren)

It isn’t often that you get the chance to look into the workings of a family of artists over three generations, (especially when it happens to be my own family!)  laying themselves open to scrutiny and speculation on their relationships. With the age of the artists ranging from the mature seventies to the youthful twenties, the work is bound to be wildly diversified; from the skilled and honed creativity of one generation to the enthusiastic optimism of another, with all sharing a dedication to, and love of, the arts, each exploring and developing their own creative language.


Seven artists have provided the feast. How will you... or they, digest it?

arthouse1.    |   45 Grange Road. London SE1 3BH    |   Director : Rebecca Fairman    |   Tel: 07713 189249    |   |   SE1 Art Map

Sean Fairman 'Ashtar'

Installation shots - Rebecca Fairman  Un-made,

Sean Fairman 'Flowerbed'