March 2019

Curated by Alexandar BarAItser & Trevor Burgess


This Instead of That is a show about artistic exchange – what happens to both representation and reality when artists get together to re-evaluate their ideas and influences through dialogue with one another. It looks at the processes of artistic exchange in the practice of ten artists.


For the exhibition each artist sought out another artist who they have a dialogue with, and with whom they wanted to collaborate. The artists were invited to select from each other's existing portfolio and to develop a new work, created specifically for the exhibition, in response to the work they had selected. Exhibited together, each pair of works creates an intense visual conversation of affinities and differences, revealing how artists derive energy from dialogue with their peers. The exhibition also includes a new collaborative piece created by Hermione Allsopp and Meg Lipke, in which all the energy of the conversation is contained within a single work.


A first edition of the exhibition was shown at Lewisham Arthouse in 2018, with dialogues between Alexandra Baraitser and Trevor Burgess; Julie Fountain and Olha Pryymak.

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with introduction essay by Jane Partner (MA, PhD, PGDIP)

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