valentine schmidt

sam hall

august 2014

Two artists reveal ‘tensions’ in differing idioms - one through quiet contemplation, the other through playful aggression.


Valentine Schmidt and Sam Hall might seem to be unlikely exhibition partners, one a photographer, the other a ceramist. That is until their work is placed in proximity, then the logic and resonance appear. Tension is at the heart of what both of these artists do, however they deal in different idioms of ‘tension’; one a quiet, almost subliminal whisper of conflicts or neglect which leave revealing marks on souls and places, the other an active agitation and playful aggression springing from one mnemonic incised on the studio wall – fight.

These differing approaches reveal the truth about tension; it is something we internalize and also act out, often in equal and proportionate measure. The sublime beauty in both artists’ work also speaks truth of the beauty to be found unexpectedly in life.

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