Kim Norton

Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva




‘Perpendicular, a collaborative installation

by artists Kim Norton and Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva, site specific to ARTHOUSE1.    This exhibition brings together a partnership resonating with the title: where two lines meet. Strongly emphasising the human senses and the emotional response or experience that arises from exploring spaces and different environments. Together they explore the density of solid objects, through transient light and shadows, casted within an intimate space, offering an illuminating and changing perception of matter and form.

Kim Norton

Kim Norton, MA, is fascinated by weight, density and the physicality of clay. Materiality is explored and pushed to its absolute breaking point by surrendering control over to the process. The  actions of hollowing out, carving, cutting and creating small pockets of space entice the viewer to look into and through a series of cracks, crevices and containment, creating altered views of perception in scale. Kim was selected for the Crafts Council Hothouse 3 programme in 2013, completed a research residency within Spode for the British Ceramics Biennial 2013, and recently exhibited at Siobhan Davies Dance in London.


Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva, MA, explores illusion and transformation through the presence of light. Light becomes a tool creating intangible spaces that can only be experienced visually. These spaces have an intrinsic dynamic and undergo a series of changes with the passage of time.  A subtle state of change of being and therefore total uniqueness of presence are the inception for her art works, which vary from small objects to large-scale installations. Alexandra has exhibited nationally and internationally in London, Milan and New York.



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