A project space called ‘I’

by Jane Boyer

3 - 26th september 2015

This is an exhibition of the artist curating herself - in more than one meaning of the act

I’m aware of the unity of myself. As an individual, with all that entails, my mind is thinking within that unity as I write this. But this exhibition, my first solo in London, is not presenting me as a unitary individual artist, it’s an exhibition of the I-artist curated by the I-curator; mutable positions which shift between roles and perspectives. In fact, in their very construction, the ‘I’ before ‘artist’ and the ‘I’ before ‘curator’ signify transience. ‘I’ is the space to try a different point of view.


A theme of communication runs throughout this exhibition, not only as a curator communicating with an audience, but also as a self communicating with a self. I’ve always been aware when I’m telling autobiographical stories that I adjust them to fit the situation. Not changing the details, but giving a version to suit the circumstances. My work reflects this awareness. Collage plays an important role in these works, not only as an art form, but also as a metaphor for the process of communication. I often think of autobiographies as a patchwork of disparate, overlapping events stitched together to create an image of a life.


The artworks in this exhibition tell a story, it’s not important what the story is, but what is important are the ways in which the means of telling a story are translated into visual terms: the repetitions, linkages and transitions, the relationships created through images and objects, the layering of imagery, things reclaimed and reused, things appropriated, and the gaps which provide the space for mutability. Those gaps create a background behind the elements of a narrative. Or they can carry equal weight with narrative elements creating a lyrical form of duality – what is and isn’t there together. The gaps are also the space where dialogue happens, just as ‘I’ is a space for experimentation. The gaps, as is the ‘I’, are the location of potential.


All of these concepts are contained within these works, which are not autobiographies, but are the autobiographical curation of a self.


Minerva.  Dye sublimation print

Remember Me. Dye sublimation print


Versions 1   Mixed media reprography


"What emerges is what Boyer has called a series of ‘simulacra’ – a construction in which a variety of elements combine to create a presence in which the potentially conflicting orders of difference and integration are held together in aesthetic form. They could be described – as indeed could the exhibition itself – as each creating an environment in which different takes on experience encounter, mirror, confront, supersede and incorporate each other."


A paragraph from an accompanying essay

by Martin Golding

'Jane Boyer: Experience as Collage'

Enigma Wall.  Digital designs from painted original Wallpaper.  We’re no longer seeing, but reading.  Acrylic on unprimed canvas   Flag.  Acrylic on prepared canvas


2 Mintes by JaneBoyer

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