PRIVATE VIEW 5TH MARCH 6.30 – 8.30pm

Catherine Cleary

Sandra Beccarelli

Helen Barff

Anna Jung Seo

Alexandra Harley

Jennifer Talbot

Sheila Vollmer

Exhibiting artists


Helen Barff, Sandra Beccarelli,

Catherine Cleary, Alexandra Harley, Anna Jung Seo

Jennifer Talbot and Sheila Vollmer


Curated by Jillian Knipe

exhibition opens  6 – 28th MARCH

Drone strike! Voter manipulation! Tax evasion! Data corruption!

Vigilance! Fake! Debt! Terror! Impeach!

Amidst the piercing screech of global alarm bells sounding the ruin of our existence,

we fumble through the archives of knowledge for some reassurance of understanding.

We hold on in order to sooth ourselves and connect with others.

We reach out and in for steadiness and rhythm.

Seven artists flock together in a whoosh of collective movement,

upholding the spirit of the group while participating on their own terms.

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