A Curious Struggle

Tim Patrick

Maria Farrar

november 2014

A Curious Struggle presents work by Tim Patrick and Maria Farrar in the allegorical tradition, where art is a symbol for a present reality

Are you in the wrong place or is the place wrong around you? It’s hard to tell sometimes. That’s just the kind of off-kilter place Tim Patrick and Maria Farrar will put you when you visit A Curious Struggle, an exhibition with an uncanny sense of the familiar and a disconcerting feeling of ‘otherness’.


Tim Patrick’s paintings are about gloss and veneers, layers of reality, and meanings that lie just beneath the surface. There is a look and feel of something being witnessed in his paintings, but  we’re never quite sure what. He looks for something mysterious and unsettled in his subjects; a disconnectedness where the situation, though familiar, has a sense of the ‘other’ about it. Before winning the Seoul University of Korea fine arts award for his graduate show last year, Tim studied classical painting in Florence for two years, and has exhibited in the touring Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013 - 2014. Tim is currently on a full scholarship post graduate programme at The Prince’s Drawing School.


Maria Farrar explores the extent that distance and closeness are necessary for understanding. Maria references medieval tapestry and stained glass traditions, excerpting narrative but revealing no distinct story. Scenes are plucked out of time reconfigured and presented in such a way that they seem familiar, yet remain elusive. She is fascinated by the mysterious way truth is revealed in its own time. Maria graduated from the Ruskin in 2012, recently had a solo exhibition at the Philippine embassy, and is currently studying MFA Painting at the Slade on a full scholarship.


Join us on a lucid visual journey to the familiar by way of the elusive and an uncanny resemblance to something we’re certain we know, but can’t quite place.


Works shown here from top to bottom:

Tim Patrick. Vanilla Flower Veneer. Oil on board

Maria Farrar. The Saints. Oil on canvas

Tim Patrick. Ephemera.  Oil on linen

Maria Farrar.  The better claim.  Oil on canvas

Tim Patrick. Let us not loose our way.  Oil on linen

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