Little Clown, My Heart

Curated by Laura Smith and Poppy Whatmore

Featuring artists: Laura Cooper, Kasia Garapich, Nadège Mériau. Nicole Morris. Rosie Morris.

Sarah Pager, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Laura Smith and Poppy Whatmore


private view

THURSDAY 25th January 6.30 - 8.30pm

In conversation - Friday 16th February 6 - 8pm

... Little gimp-footed hurray,

Paper parasol of pleasures,

Fleshy undertongue of sorrows,

Sweet potato plant of my addictions ...


This quotation exposes love’s complexity. Our collaboration seeks to offer vignettes of raw impressions and expressions: on the one hand desperate and on the other celebratory. The show’s title is taken from a selected poem by Sandra Cisneros which polarizes emotions, characterizing the heart as a backflipping, spangled, frothing ‘corazon’. This depicts a performative anthropomorphism for action and reaction. In this show, everyday things become the stuff of play and are manipulated to bear witness to heightened personal experiences. Each artist brings a unique response to a universal experience. Love and its related passions and reflections motivate an autobiographical approach and body of work.


Poppy Whatmore and Laura Smith play between the personal and the formal in each others’ work and subsequently other artists’. The motivation for the collaboration is to analyze the catalyst for an artist’s practice. They have selected one raw emotive element, which exists in all our lives, that is love. The intention is not to indulge sentimental reveries but rather to resonate the fragility and fleeting human experience that becomes a composite of our lives. One personal experience can mirror another, and so on. The readings are open to subjective conversations through processed and formal mediums, morphing raw elements with the real.


The artists, in Little Clown, My Heart, explore different materials teasing out re-enactments of experiences, unconsciously or consciously. All works present different fragmentary narratives that expose an emotive dialogue with the viewer. The works may begin in a personal and autobiographical starting point, yet in outcome the work explores more universal experiences of ambivalence; heightened experiences both excessively positive and on the other damning. The intention is to extend the personal experience from enjoying to destroying through the material actions of outcome.


This exhibition plans to extend the diversity of form by including an evening reading event, with the intention of reflecting on our area of interest in the context of the written word.


Download/View full Text by Poppy Whatmore  in the accompanying catalogue HERE...


In conversation

Friday 16th February 6 - 8pm


Special guest readers include:


Des Mohan, Henry Page, Emma Roper-Evans and Dr Tamar Yoseloff





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