bermondsey Art WALK & TALK Saturday 21st JULY 10:30am

Join the free, friendly Art Walk & Talk in Bermondsey on Saturday 21st July - 10:30am start at White Cube
Meet curators and artists on route, with co-organiser and speaker - Paul Carey-Kent. An eclectic mix with some surprises this summer

Memory Palace

10:30am  White Cube

144 - 152 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3TQ

Memory Palace


Memory defines us, whether the personal memories that shape our sense of self or the collective, cultural and historical memories on which societies build their identities. Memory has been a key to recovery from the trauma of the twentieth century’s historical calamities, and to surviving the pace of change in the modern age. Featuring over 40 artists.


Art lends itself to the personal and confessional, and is a powerful medium for stories missing from history’s official record. In a cast, a print or a photograph, or through found materials, art can embody an intrinsic, indexical memory. The act of recording memory is invoked in works using text and other forms of notation, while art that appeals to senses beyond the visual conjures a Proustian idea of memory, as something which can be triggered by an intense sensory experience.


11:10 Bermondsey

Project Space

183 - 185 Bermondsey St, SE1 3UW

Stephen Newton


Newton is not a realist, but a new kind of surrealist. Psychoanalytic theory has moved away from drive theory towards relational theory, and so has the most subtle and sophisticated surreal art, Newton’s paintings being exemplary. All the more so because they incorporate drive, as their excited painterliness indicates, into their realism. That is, their rendering of objects – the desolate and isolated objects – in his empty space, sometimes cosmically and threateningly empty. The stark geometry of the space – the confrontal planarity of the rooms – makes its emptiness more intimidating.


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William Benington Gallery
The Concept Space

11:30  William Benington Gallery

50 Tower Rridge Rd, SE1 4TR

Heidi Schwegler

On Gurgling


WBG London Projects are delighted to announce On Gurgling, a solo exhibition by Heidi Schwegler. Her wide ranging practice engages with various social and societal themes, expressing them in wide ranging media, often reversing industrial production by painstakingly transforming durable, mass produced “stuff” into fragile, unique works of glass, porcelain and gold. Even when elevated to materials with perceived intrinsic value and placed on white walls and pedestals, the forms retain the aura of their original surroundings and of the people who discarded them.

12:30 The concept space

7 Spa Road, SE16 3QP



The Concept Space is pleased to present ‘TERRAFORMS’, a collaborative exhibition between Kristian Day and The Concept Space featuring Blue Firth, Anna Hughes, Rafal Topolewski, Josephine Baker, Joel Wyllie, Frank Kent, Charlie Duck, Molly Palmer, Adam Shield and The Leaf Library


‘The real world is only one of the many possibilities that can be moved back and forth; the game would remain incomplete if one were to accept reality as a finished product. That is why objects are stretched and shortened, make-believe objects are sprinkled among the existing ones, and miraculous apparitions are created without hesitation.’  Siegfried Kracauer, Calico-World (1926)


12:00 Arthouse1

45 Grange Road, SE1 3BH

Getting Away!


A group exhibition curated by Day Bowman, featuring paintings, sculptures, ceramics & film works by Anna Barlow, Day Bowman, Lydia Blakeley, Jake Clark, Marguerite Horner, Sophie Marritt, Kitty Stirling, Judith Tucker & Amanda Wallwork.


We British love our holidays whether it’s the annual bucket and spade job or a walking trek over the countryside, the short city break and weekends away. In fact, the very act of travel not only arouses feelings of excitement and anticipation but can be said to be part and parcel of the whole ‘getting away from it all’ experience.

The exhibition is based on the idea of the great British holiday and its importance in both nourishing the spirit and reconnecting with the self.


Kino Cinema

1:00  Kino cinema

10 Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN

A selection of nine short art films


By Sasha Bowles, Steve Cutts, Justin Hibbs, Gibson Martelli, Maria Marshall, Adeline de Monseignat, Shana Moulton, and Jack West.


Full screen listings available at Kino’s bar.

Lasts approx 30 mins. Max 55 Seats


Vitrine Gallery

1:35 VitRine Gallery

15 Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN

Docile Bodies


A group exhibition featuring Benjamin Edwin Slinger, Georgia Lucas-Going, Hardeep Pandhal, Jesse Darling, Liv Preston & Sam Blackwood, exploring the theory of Panopticism in relation to VITRINEs unique exhibition conditions; the ability to be viewed 24/7.

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We do hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of surprises this summer!

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Lunch Break

Enjoy a free drink with compliments from kino Map ticket required

End the mornings walk, continue the talk & relax at Kino’s Bar in Bermondsey Square.

A big thank you to Kino.

Matt's Gallery

alternative conclusion of tour


3:00  Matt’s gallery

92 Webster Road, SE16 4DF

Joey Holder

Adcredo The Deep Belief Network


Joey Holder’s exhibition is the 11th in an ongoing series of 10-day shows at Matt’s Gallery’s new Bermondsey space at 92 Webster Road. Holder presents a multiscreen video installation drawn from her large scale project ‘Adcredo - The Deep Belief Network’. The project revolves around Adrcredo - a company operating online to develop psychological profiles and create personalised belief systems.

Coleman Project Space

3:20  Coleman project SPACE

94 Webster Road, SE16 4D

Natascha Young

Venus Venus Venus


Coleman Project Space’s short showcase is designed to offer artists a test-bed for work in progress. Natascha Young, an artist living and working in London, will present work from a three-year project that began with a daily carving ritual - #venusaday. It has grown to incorporate many technical processes and material means of exploring ideas around maternal inheritance and its un/intended consequences.













3:50  CGP London

1 Park Approach, STWK PARk, Se16 2UA



Curated by George Vasey. Artists // Foundation Press, Emily Hesse, Joy Labinjo, Toby Phips Lloyd, Gayle Meikle With Ciara Lenihan, Kuba Ryniewicz With Deborah Bower, Jo Coupe And Janina Sabaliauskaite, Mark Pinder, Matt Antoniak, Jade Sweeting With Keano Anton, Holly Argent And Harriet Sutcliffe with the women artists of the north east library


The Everyday Political brings together artists and art collectives from the North East of England. Expanding on Holly Argent’s Women Artists of the North East Library (Workplace Foundation, Gateshead, 22 June – 9 September), elements of the library will be exhibited at CGP London alongside new work including audio, text, painting and photography.




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